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""I'm Lucky To Be Alive And Fate Kept Me Here Till Today And On Gods Time" aka On May 30-31, 2012 I was changin the float which measures the gas in the gas in the gas tank on my 1977 Dodge B 200 Custom Tradesman Van when some gas spilled out my so called Homie lit a cigarette thought that it was a puddle of water when he lit a gaslite to a puddle of Gasoline flames and gasoline headed right for me my ...other homie that wasnt usually there said I didnt hear him the first time I heard him the second time I would get the hell out of there then I spun and out of the way with flames and gasoline burning on the back of my Jacket I ran across the street and threw off my Jacket and then waited for the Fire Department to come while my Custom 1977 Dodge B 200 Tradesman Van was Burning I got a parking ticket that night I had to take my 1977 Dodge B 200 Custom Tradesman Van to the recycling place give them my title and then because of tickets I coudnt afford to pay them so I got my Drivers License suspended and because I couldnt get my AutoBody Custom work that I had before I lost my place to live on Dec 17 2012 till now and on Ive been struggling Homeless And On These Streets ever since then till I got my 1974 Muscle Van I had somebody else fix the Head Gasket because I didnt have the place or tools to fix it after that I fixed everything else and got it running all by myself And now I'm still working on it trying to get my life back together A.S.A.P. and my added email is and my cell number is ask for Mark 323-568-7096