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  • Locked Up Free Flow Song 4:36
  • Rizin In The Rap Game 6:27
  • Rizin From The Streets 6:22
  • tested to rested 4:17
  • STBG 50th Free Flow 4:13
  • STBG 49th Free Flow 5:57
  • STBG 48th Free Flow 6:01
  • STBG 47th Free Flow 6:51
  • STBG 46th Free Flow 6:48
  • STBG 45th Free Flow 6:58
  • STBG 44th Free Flow 6:32
  • STBG 43rd Free Flow 5:50
  • STBG 42nd Free Flow 6:00
  • STBG 41st Free Flow 6:35
  • Seatown Clubbin 4:52
  • Workin and Flowin 4:00
  • Live free flow In a Karoake Bar 4:52
  • Me and My Homie Goin Through This Troublesome World 5:56
  • Feelin The Pain 4:01
  • Runnin From Decapatation 3:59
  • The Struggle 4:21
  • Betrayal Homie 5:33
  • Bein Siezed 3:34
  • Rock Song 3:33
  • Barricaded 3:31
  • Rize like A Stem 3:53
  • Rocker 2 2:46
  • Dope Game 4:04
  • Feelin The Blaze 6:18
  • Hard Strugglin 4:14

This is STBG Music Productions aka Artist STBG aka Owner Mark Pollard aka @stbgrecords on twitter  I was born in Daly City CA right next to San Francisco in the Bay and then moved to escondido to try to live with my Poppa that didnt work out so I moved to Seattle Wa to live with my Momma and then took a trip to Los Angeles CA where I met connections in the music Bussiness Now my hopes and dreams are coming true in Los Angeles you can email me at stbgrecords@gmail.com and can call me at 323-568-7096 Free Flowin and Writin and Rappin and makin music is my escape throughout the trials and tribulations and tough struggles through my life i have been doing it since I was 14 years old and never will stop

Stbg Music Productions Aka Artist Stbg @Stbgrecords On Twitter Sell of Beats Tracks And Promotions And Soon Recording