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503 Olympic Blvd Santa Monica CA 90401 US



Send a Note aka On May 30-31, 2012 I was changin the float which measures the gas in the gas in the gas tank on my 1977 Dodge B 200 Custom Tradesman Van when some gas spilled out my so called Homie lit a cigarette thought that it was a puddle of water when he lit a gaslite to a puddle of Gasoline flames and gasoline headed right for me my ...other homie that wasnt usually there said I didnt hear him the first time I heard him the second time I would get the hell out of there then I spun and out of the way with flames and gasoline burning on the back of my Jacket I ran across the street and threw off my Jacket and then waited for the Fire Department to come while my Custom 1977 Dodge B 200 Tradesman Van was Burning I got a parking ticket that day I had to take my 1977 Dodge B 200 Custom Tradesman Van to the recycling place give them the title and then because of tickets I coudnt afford to pay them so I lost my Drivers License and at the end of the that year I lost my place to live on Dec 17, 2012 ever since till I got my 1974 Muscle Van I had somebody else fix the Head Gasket because I didnt have the place or tools to fix it after that I fixed everything else and got it running all by myself